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The information offered on this website is not endorsed or approved by the BCFTOA.  This section is a paid service in which educational institutions, organizations and other training facilities purchase to advertise. The BCFTOA assumes no liability for those utilizing, contacting or performing the training or subject listed on these pages and are not responsible for detailed information in this regard.  Questions should be directed to the applicable organization regarding this material not the BCFTOA.

Members of the BCFTOA are not charged to advertise on the website as posted information is intended to emphasize education and networking of all members of the Association. Non Members of the BCFTOA wishing to post on the website are required to pay prior to any posting of training or information materials a lump sum of $200.00. If you wish to become a member and/or advertise your training opportunities or applicable information on this website, please contact us at

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The British Columbia Fire Training Officers Association, more commonly referred as the BCFTOA, is dedicated to gathering information on training standards and providing this information to fire departments so they may effectively and safely train their members. In a world of ever changing standards and regulations, this organization provides fire departments with the most current, up-to-date course information and training requirements.  The BCFTOA will help develop, and support the work of those leaders and organizations in order that they may best provide training for members and affiliated Associations.

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