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British Columbia Fire Service Training Standards

The Structure Firefighters Competency and Training Playbook (May 2015) sets requirements based upon the service level identified by the Authority Having Jurisdiction (AHJ) for the provision of fire services in each community. The standard references competencies drawn from the National Fire Protection Association Standards.

Fire Departments and AHJs should refer to the “Playbook” to determine the specific requirements for their community. Click here to request training materials.

Questions should be directed to the Office of the Fire Commissioner, or visit the Playbook question and answers page.

Dynamic Rescue Training Courses for 2019 

Dynamic rescue had a really great year in 2018.  We provided over 250 courses and met some really great people in the process. Everything is looking to be a productive year again! Please join us on any of the following courses we have coming up this spring. Registration can be online ( or in person at 1-888-965-5228. We look forward to hearing from you again soon and seeing you in 2019!

March 22-24                   Confined Space Operations
April 6-7                          Vehicle Extrication Operations
April TBA                        Flat Water Operations (Two Days)
April 13-14                      Artificial High Points (Technical Rescue) 
April 26-28                      Rope Rescue Operations (THARRP)
May 4-5                           Forcible Entry Awareness Operations 
May 10-12                       Low to Steep Rope Rescue (THARRP) 
May 16-20                       Rope & Confined Space Operations 50 Hr   
May 24-26                       Swift Water Operations
May 24-26                       Rope Rescue Technician (THARRP)
May 31-June 2                Confined Space Technician
June 14-16                      Bridge, Radio Tower, Tower Crane (THARRP)
June 15                           Fireground Search


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The British Columbia Fire Training Officers Association, more commonly referred as the BCFTOA, is dedicated to gathering information on training standards and providing this information to fire departments so they may effectively and safely train their members. In a world of ever changing standards and regulations, this organization provides fire departments with the most current, up-to-date course information and training requirements.  The BCFTOA will help develop, and support the work of those leaders and organizations in order that they may best provide training for members and affiliated Associations.

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